Sunday, January 10, 2010

Puppies, Christmas and a Happy New Year....

I really don't blog enough!! I always get on and see how behind I am and just sign out shaking my head. But tonight I decided... no, I'm going to blog cause I really need to!
So First and most fun!! We had puppies!!! Well Phoebe did that having of the puppies, but the whole family is raising them! They were born on November 30th which happened to also be James and My 2 year anniversary. We have 6 little beagles who run our house now, 4 boys and 2 girls! The delivery was awesome. I assisted while in a state of calm panic, if that is possible. I remember watching my mom help the Schnauzers growing up and thinking I can do that, but when it came down to it I was pretty nervous. All of the babies are so cute!! Each with their own little personalities! We have a couple of really smart and curious ones and a couple that just like to lay around or snuggle up. It's fun to see them all play together and hear their little barks. They truly were the greatest Anniversary present ever!!
Christmas was a challenge this year that we faced together. I have never been so worried about not having money for presents. It was pretty sad and really humbling to know that we are really struggling right now. It's ok though, as I strongly believe, everything happens for a reason and we will have better years!!
Our New Year was good and we spent the night with our great friends!! We Wii-ed and played games and ate ALOT of food!! It was great!
Now as 2010 begins I look forward to find all of our little puppies great homes, work on my weight (as I am now a member of Weight Watchers), try to figure out how to fix our finances, and maybe, JUST MAYBE this year will be the year James and I GET MARRIED!!!!

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